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ATR Trailer Expert Advisor

ATR Trailer Forex expert advisor is a simple EA that trades without any particular entry rules but rather relies on the trailing stop mechanism to capture huge market movements. The trailing stop is based on the ATR (Average True Range) indicator. The direction of its initial position is controlled via the input parameter; each next direction is opposite to the previous one. When the trailing stop is hit, the position is closed automatically and a new one is opened. With the default ATR settings (period = 24 and multiplier = 3) and the optimal timeframe (H1), the trailing stop is set to cover up 99.73% of the daily fluctuation, considering the normal distribution of the price change (which, of course, isn’t always so in real market).

The forward-test of the ATR Trailer MetaTrader expert advisor on the 8-month period showed

15.3% profit with

5.8% maximum drawdown. The used position’s volume was set to 0.1 standard lots. The EA made 200 trades, of which 39.50% were profitable. The default settings were used in this forward demo test on EUR/USD H1 chart.


What are the stop-loss and take-profit used by this EA?

This EA doesn’t use any fixed stop-loss or take-profit levels, instead, it utilizes trailing stop both for limiting the losses and for profit taking.

How often does it trade?

On 1-hour EUR/USD chart (the forward-test settings) this EA will trade once every day on average.

What specific input parameters does it use?

The following input parameters can be used for optimization:

  • ATR_Period (default = 24) — the period of the ATR indicator, which is used for trailing stop.
  • ATR_Multiplier (default = 3) — a value, by which the ATR indicator value will be multiplied.
  • StartWith (default = 1) — determines the direction of the first position — 1 means short, 2 means long.

This EA is ECN-compatible. You must set ECN_Mode input parameter to true in order to enable ECN-compatibility for this expert advisor. Otherwise, you will most likely be seeing OrderSend Error 130 messages when EA will be trying to open positions. This is because, if you are trading with an ECN broker (with market execution for orders), you cannot set SL/TP on position opening. You have to open a position first without SL/TP and only then modify it, adding stop-loss and/or take-profit level.

Los mejores corredores de opciones binarias 2020:
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    1er lugar! El mejor broker de opciones binarias!
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Warning! Before you ask basic questions regarding installation of the expert advisors, please, read this MT4 Expert Advisors Tutorial to get the elementary knowledge on handling them.

Do you have your own trading results or any other remarks regarding this expert advisor? Discuss ATR Trailer with other traders and MQL programmers on the experts forums.

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ATR Trailer Expert Advisor for Metatrader

The expert advisor ATR Trailer is an automated trading strategy that does not use any particular entry rule and is based primarily on a mechanism of trailing stop orders to take advantage of large market movements. These trailing stops are based on the technical indicator ATR (Average True Range). In this case, the direction of the initial position (position 1) is controlled by the input parameter, while each following position has the opposite direction from the previous position.

When the trailing stop is reached, the position is automatically closed and a new one is opened. With the default configuration of the ATR (period = 24 and multiplier = 3) and a time frame of one hour (optimal time frame), the trailing stop is supposed to cover 99% of the daily fluctuation in the price, considering a normal distribution of the price, which in reality does not always happen in the market.

  • This EA provides the best results in the EUR/USD with a time frame of one hour.
  • The ATR Trailer does not use fixed stop loss and take profit levels. Instead it uses trailing stops to limit losses and to take profits.

The input and optimization parameters of this EA are the following:

  • ATR_Period (Default = 24): This parameter is the period of the ATR indicator, which is used for the trailing stop.
  • ATR_Multiplier (Default = 3): It is a value by which is multiplied the ATR indicator.
  • StartWith (Default = 1): You can set the direction of the first position as follows:
  • Short Positions: 1
  • Long Positions: 2

Below are the parameters and results for this EA:

  • Stop Loss: No.
  • Take Profit: No.
  • Currency Pairs: All.
  • Time Frames: All.
  • Best results: EUR / USD with a time frame of 5 minutes.
  • Percentage Gain: 40% of operations.
  • Maximum Drawdown: 6%.

Note: This EA is compatible with ECN brokers.

You can download this Expert Advisor for Metatrader 4 using the following link:

ATR Trailer Expert Advisor

This expert Advisor is known for a very long time. When it was created, hardly anyone can say for sure, but information about it can be found in 2020. Since the robot was improved, out of its modified version, adapted to the changes of the market, but the popularity of the robot remains high. Even the fact that people continue to speak about it, is revealing.

  • Free version of the EA you can download at the site of the broker A-Markets. For maximal simplification of the trading Advisor ATR Trailer this version is already configured for maximum profits. If you are poorly versed in the specifics of his work, save the basic settings. During the testing process you will understand how to work better.

ATR Trailer advisor — robot with moderate yield

The principle of operation of the robot is based on the maximization of profit in the moment of strong movement of the trend. The hedged position is a trailing stop. The robot determines the volatility of a currency pair over a certain interval of time, and in accordance with the settings opens a trade. But the direction of opening is determined by the trader (that is, the transaction can be opened in the opposite direction).

Baseline conditions of ATR Trailer:

  • currency pair — US dollar/yen. The best results were obtained with it, but nobody forbids to experiment. The Euro in tandem with the US dollar it is better not to use;
  • timeframe — М30;
  • yields about 5% per month (or 28.1% over 6 months — maximum result);
  • recommended deposit — $ 2,000;
  • maximum drawdown is 27,41%.

The adjusting parameters of the ATR Trailer Expert Advisor:

  • ATR_Period — he parameter responsible for the size of the trailing stop;
  • ATR_Multiplier — the multiplier, which will be the multiplication of the ATR indicator;
  • StartWith — «1» — position for sale, «2» — a buy position (direction of the trade determined by the trader);
  • Slippage — the maximum slippage (in points);
  • Lots — minimum lot size;
  • Magic — a parameter that allows the robot to distinguish their own positions from positions opened manually or by other advisors.

The settings of the ATR period, the default period is 24, the multiplier is 3. On the Internet reviews are moderate about this expert Advisor. I found another convincing backtest, the results of which were more modest, but with less risk. With the drawdown of 5.8% in 8 months managed to earn 15.3 percent of profits. During this time, 210 transactions were discovered, 38.5% of which were profitable. The average number of open positions — 1 per day.

Summary. There are neither negative nor positive reviews about the adviser there. That is, the robot can be attributed to neutral, but its undeniable advantage is the low drawdown. Reason in the open position, the opposite trend is not clear, but a similar strategy in the Forex market occur. Advisor ATR Trailer is simple — a minimum of settings, working on a trailing stop, compatible with ECN, the trader tells the slippage parameter. In short, download the program and test.

Los mejores corredores de opciones binarias 2020:
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